Belize Helicopter Charters

  • Custom Helicopter Charters
  • Aerial Photography
  • External Load
  • Aerial Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Medivac (Medical Evacuations)
  • Agricultural Crop Spraying

The helicopter transfers can operate between the international airport, local airports and private heliports throughout Belize.

We also provide specialized services such as Search and Rescue, Aerial Surveys, External Load, Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming. In an emergency, we also offer Medivac and Evacuation Services.


We have our own Aerial Exposures Camera mount with 4 KS-8 Gyros, we can accommodate cameras up to 22 lbs. Stabilized Platform is based on the use of Kenyon Laboratories Gyro Stabilizers.  Depending on the camera weight and the amount of stabilization required the system uses either three or gour high-powered gyrostabilizers.  Stabilization is provided in all three axes.
Our past film and photography clients include:

  • NBC (US) – TODAY Show
  • Travel Channel (US) – Passport to Latin America
  • Discovery Channel (US) – Bone Detectives
  • Discovery Channel (US/UK) – Man vs. Wild
  • TF1 (France) – Ushuaia Nature - D'un océan à l'autre
  • Animal Planet (US) – Wild Recon
  • BBC Documentary (UK)
  • National Geographic (US)
  • MTV (US) – Real World, Season 22 Cancun
  • Belize Tourism Board (Belize) – Aerial Stock Video
  • Versus (US) – Sport Fishing TV
  • PBS (US) – Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet TV
  • Mojo HD (US) – Pressure Cook
  • What's UP Films (France) – Belize Entre jungle et corail
  • Specral Q (US) – Reef Summit – Aerial Art
  • Tiger Aspect Productions (UK) – Gangs 4
  • Nippon Broadcasting Association (Japan)
  • American Explorer TV (US)
  • Multiple Ads and Pilot Shows (US & Belize)
  • Multiple Small Productions and Documentaries

Astrum Helicopters charges a 4 hour daily minimum for mount-flown operations. Equipment can be attached on the helicopter the night before, and disassembled after hours.