I am a single traveler, how can I join a tour?

If you are traveling on your own, please contact us through our contact form to let us know the dates you are available to join a tour and we will do our best to pair you together with another group. If you have a specific time you would prefer to fly with us at, please mention it in the booking comments or let us know by writing an email.

how much DOES A TOUR COST?

We have an extensive variety of tours in many different price ranges.  We will happily provide you with a quote for your trip just click here.

Why choose a helicopter tour?

To take in the view like you've never done before, and to be on top of the world! You can also cover a broad area in a short amount of time, so you can make the most of all your days in Belize.


We are a group, can we go together in one helicopter?

Yes you can! We have two different types of helicopters which can take up to 4, 5 or 6 passengers. If your group has over 6 passengers we can still fly you all at the same time, what we usually do is split the party into our two aircrafts a group 4 passengers and one of 6 passengers.

how is the seating arrangement

In the Bell 407 helicopter 5 passengers will have window seats, one is in the front and two face backwards but the windows are big and bubbly so one has great view in any direction. In the Bell Jet Ranger 206 - B3 helicopter 3 passengers have window seats, one in the front and in the back the seats are three in a row, all passenger face forward.